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Fun Facts
Home Sweet Home!

Robbie Page Memorial


The memorial was established in 1951 after the tragic death of Robie Page, the son of former national president Mary Hastings Holloway Page, from polio. Robbie had often expressed his wish to help other children and even said, "I want to have all my birthdays right now so I can grow up and help people."  At the time, there was no cure or prevention for polio, which prompted the Hastings to establish a memorial fund for polio research, to which donations to the Salk Vaccine Trials were given. Once a vaccine for polio was found, Tri Sigma decided to continue the spirit of the memorial under the theme "Sigma Serves Children". This continued service to children has focused on providing play therapy for hospitalized children.
Today the money we raise provides support for playrooms, libraries and programs for such children, focusing on the emotion and development of hospitalized children. This lends itself to the creation of a specialized field of study for professionals in child development and associated health care professions. Currently, the national efforts are centered in The University of North Carolina Hospitals at Chapel Hill and at the Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Local Philanthropy
Simga Shootout!
Every year the Beta Xi helps raise money by inviting all the fraternities on the Southeast Campus to compete in a Basketball Game.